GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation

Our first priorities are the health, security and wellbeing, yours and of all my collaborators and in those months, I have always followed the guidelines and recommendations which have enriched all our operational standards. I wish to inform you that Principe Forte dei Marmi follows hygienic protocols, based on standards approved by Italian Government, Tuscany regional committee and World Health Organization, it also complies the necessary hygiene standards required for the GBAC STAR™ (LHW’s Safe Stay Assurance) certification. I have carefully updated our procedure with these new rules, granting an excellent service and a truly unique experience. All our indoor and outdoor areas are at your full disposal. This will allow you to enjoy your stay at Principe Forte dei Marmi giving you all the privacy you need and respecting all the WHO instructions. The new rules do not have changed our values and philosophy of life based on human warmth and hospitality.

GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation

Principe Forte dei Marmi obtained the certification GBAC STAR ™ from Global Biorisk Advisory Council a division of ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. The GBAC STAR ™ certification guarantees that the property respects the most rigorous cleaning, disinfection, and disease prevention protocols. GBAC STAR™ through a guided training allowed us to organize and carry out new procedure and protocols. The program ensures that the Hotel uses the best practices to respond to pandemics and epidemic issues. GBAC STAR allows the owners and manager of properties to ensure the usage of “a tested system” able to maintain the environment clean and safe for all workers, Guests, and stakeholders. To obtain GBAC STAR™ the Hotel and the whole team has conformed with 20 fundamental elements of the program, including standard operational procedures, risk evaluation strategies, personal protective equipment, and training for emergency response. On is possible to consult the list of all the properties complying with the program.

COVID-19 guidelines, updated  on December 6th 2021


  • A negative antigenic test 48 hours before the stay dates. Eventually the test can be arranged here at the hotel or in a local pharmacy.
  • A  full vaccination with document that can prove it. (Full protection is obtained 14 days after the last vaccine injection)
  • Medical certificate on suffering covid-19 disease in the past 6 months.

The green pass is required for all guests that wish to stay, to access to our SPA, bar and restaurant (outdoor seats excluded). In case the 48 hours test expires during the stay, a new test can be arranged at the property.

 The 98 % Principe Forte dei Marmi staff is fully vaccinated and all of them have a valid green pass certification.



  • To access the services inside the hotel a valid green pass or a negative swab test or a valid full vaccination certification is required (children under 12 years old are exempted).
  • Masks are mandatory in all indoor areas except when consuming food and drinks (in bars and restaurant).
  • It is kindly requested to maintain a social distancing of 1 meter from staff and other Guests that are not part of your family.
  • Dispenser of hydroalcoholic solution for hands cleaning are well provided in all the hotel areas. 
  • Throughout the day accurate process of cleaning and disinfection are carried out in all hotel areas with certificated products.
We observe the strictest standards of cleansing and purification of ventilation system, as well water and swimming pool purification.
  • Air Quality – we have increased the ventilation system checking and inspections, with augmented air filter disinfection. 
  • Water purification – we use the most updated standard for drinking water sanification, and revised protocols for swimming pool water treatments.
  • Anytime the Guests wish to use the hotel shuttle service, we will provide mask and hydroalcoholic solution for hands cleaning.
  • Our drivers always wear mask and frequently uses the hydroalcoholic solution for hands cleaning.
  • Following the social distancing rule, our cars have a maximum occupancy of two, and for Minivan the maximum occupancy is four. Exceptions can be done only for persons of the same family.
  • The vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after every service.
  • The Reception desk is organized to ensure social distancing of at least one meter .
  • Check-in and check-out procedures are organized to reduce contacts avoiding any crowd.
  • Room keys are disinfected any time before the delivery to the Guest.
  • The use of the elevator is recommended for a maximum of two Guests, except for the same family members.
  • Guest directory, menu and useful information are accessible in the room through QR CODE.
  • Every room is disinfected with certified cleaning products, with a one hour air change.
  • “Super Green Pass” (full vaccination) is requested.
  • The reservation for our bar and restaurant is mandatory, both for hotel guests and externals. Our concierge is at your complete disposal for any assistance.
  • The use of the mask is mandatory, except during the consumption of food or drink (in seated areas).
  • Our bar and restaurant staff will deliver the Guest a disposable menu with QR CODE to check our proposals. 
  • The bar and restaurant seating capacity is organized accordingly to the the social distancing rules. (at least one meter). 
  • “Super Green Pass” (full vaccination) is requested, children under 12 are not allowed
  • The gym, the heated indoor pool and the wellness program are open every day from 10.00 to 20.00 by reservation only.
  • 4 time slots have been established: from 10-12 / 12.30-14.30 / 15-17 and 17.30-19.30, the half hour between one time slot and the other is used to sanitize the spa and change the air
  • Spa operators wear personal protective equipment.
  • To access the spa it is necessary to wear an individual protection mask (which must always be worn).
  • Entrance to the spa is allowed to a limited number of customers at the same time, except for members of the same family and / or co-inhabitant, up to a maximum of 6 people.
  • At the entrance, the super green-pass is requested and the temperature is measured, which must not exceed 37.5 ° to access.
  • The relaxation room will be accessible to a maximum of 6 people at the same time if guests are staying in the same room or if they belong to the same family and live together.
  • Gym, heated indoor pool and SPA wellness area are open every day from 10 AM from 8 PM only upon reservation, children under 12 years old are not allowed.
  • All the SPA staff uses the personal protective equipments.
  • To reach the SPA the mask is mandatory and it has also to be worn inside the wellness area.
  • To book the wellness area we have scheduled 4 different time slots: 10-12 am / 12.30-2.30 pm / 3-5 pm and 5.30-7.30 pm. 30 minutes needed to sanitized the area.
  • At the entrance is required a green pass and a temperature measurement that cannot be above the 37,50° Celsius.
  • Relax area is accessible for a limited number of 6 guests at the same time if they belong to the same family or cohabiting.
  • Our beach club is at complete disposal of our Guests following the social distancing rule.
Here at Principe Forte dei Marmi we appointed a health and security manager, responsible for the introduction  of new measures and for the training of the hotel staff.
  • Staff training – it aims to train all the staff members regarding the procedures in order to protect themselves,  the Guest and providers.
  • Responsible environmental impact – is required to use the highest level of ecological liability in all the new practices.
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