Ethical Code

This Code of Ethics (hereinafter the “Code”) expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of business and corporate activities undertaken by the director and employees of Principe Hotel Management Srl.
The Company, in recognizing the fundamental values ​​of the dignity of the human person and respect for diversity, as well as the principles of legality, honesty and fairness, believes that the adoption of a code of conduct, which clearly and transparently states the ethical values which it inspires, is of primary importance also in order to guarantee its reliability and the integrity of its image, factors that contribute to the success and development – current and future – of the Company.
That said, the Company requires that this Code of Ethics be strictly observed by the relevant company representatives (director, manager, employees, auditors), employees, collaborators and, in any case, by all those who cooperate with the Company in pursuing its mission, committing itself to guarantee the maximum diffusion of the same for this purpose, also through an adequate information program regarding its contents and ensuring the verification of the relative observance.



1. Scope and Recipients
All the Company’s activities are based on the strictest respect for the general principles of compliance with the law, impartiality, correctness, transparency, confidentiality, diligence, loyalty and good faith.
The principles set out above, which inform the provisions of this Code of Ethics, are binding for all persons who have representation, administration or management functions in the Company, for all employees without exception, for collaborators (by way of example only, consultants, representatives, agents, etc.) and for anyone who has business relationships with the Company.
Recipients must know the contents of the Code of Ethics and are all called upon to actively contribute to their observance. To this end, this Code of Ethics will be adequately brought to the attention of all Recipients.

2. Obligation of the Recipients
The Recipients perform the functions within their competence according to the principles of honesty, correctness, commitment and professional rigor and operate in carrying out the activities entrusted to them in compliance with the legislative provisions in force.
They are obliged to use the resources, including economic ones, the assets and equipment of the company at their disposal in carrying out their role or assignment exclusively for lawful and functional purposes to their work and not for personal purposes.
Every action, operation, negotiation, and more generally, any activity carried out by the Recipients must comply with the rules of management correctness, transparency, completeness and truthfulness of the information, as well as with company procedures.
In particular, the Recipients are obliged to:
1. diligently observe the provisions of the Code of Ethics, refraining from any conduct contrary to them;
2. report to their superior any information relating to alleged violations of the Code of Ethics that have occurred within the company, it being understood that the Company guarantees adequate protection from intimidation or retaliation to all those who report any violations in good faith;
3. offer maximum cooperation in ascertaining possible and / or alleged violations of this Code of Ethics;
4. inform third parties who enter into relations with the Company about the requirements of the Code of Ethics and request compliance with them.



3. Ethical Principles
In order to achieve its objectives and in carrying out company activities, the Company and the Recipients are inspired by the following general principles (hereinafter the “Principles”):
1. Compliance with laws;
2. Impartiality;
3. Transparency, correctness and reliability;
4. Confidentiality;
5. Value of the person and enhancement of human resources;
6. Protection of health and safety in the workplace;
7. Safeguarding the environment;
8. Professionalism

3.1 Compliance with Laws
The behavior of the Recipients, in the work and professional activities carried out for the Company, are inspired by the utmost respect for the regulations in force.

3.2 Impartiality
In the management of the various social activities (including, by way of example, the management of relations with customers, the management of suppliers, relations with the Public Administration), the Recipients must operate impartially in the best interest of the Company, assuming the decisions with professional rigor and transparency and according to objective and neutral criteria.

3.3 Transparency
In carrying out work or professional activities, the actions, operations, negotiations and, more generally, the behavior of the Recipients are inspired by maximum transparency and correctness; in the management of all corporate activities they are required to provide transparent, truthful, complete and accurate information.

All actions and operations performed by the Recipients in the context of their work or professional activity must be duly authorized and adequately documented, in order to allow, at any time, the verification of the related decision-making and authorization process.
All operations and documents related to company activity must be treated appropriately and with the utmost care. Each operation, asset and liability must be adequately documented and recorded; accounting, reports, documents, contracts and other business information must be accurate, truthful and properly prepared and must not include incorrect or misleading information resulting from alteration, distortion or falsification.

3.4 Confidentiality
The Company indicates confidentiality as the rule of all conduct.
The Company therefore ensures the confidentiality of the information in its possession, refrains from using confidential data, except in the case of express authorization and, in any case, carries out all data and information processing in the most rigorous observance of the current legislation on the subject of Privacy.

The Recipients must refrain from using proprietary and confidential information of the Company or of third parties and not in the public domain, of which they have become aware by reason of their office and / or profession, for personal purposes and, in any case, not connected with the exercise of the work or professional activity entrusted to them or carried out in the interest of the Company or in a manner that does not comply with the interest of the Company; Recipients are responsible for the protection of the aforementioned information and none of them can benefit of any kind, direct or indirect, from the use of confidential information.
The communication to third parties of such information must take place exclusively by authorized parties and, in any case, in compliance with company provisions.

3.5 Value of the person and enhancement of human resources
The company protects the value of the person from discrimination and harassment based on age, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, nationality, political and trade union opinions, religious beliefs. No form of discrimination against employees, customers, suppliers, contractors or third parties will be tolerated.
The success of this company is achieved thanks to its collaborators, and their satisfaction is as important as that of our guests.

In order to enhance the skills and competences of its employees, the Company adopts merit criteria and guarantees equal opportunities, through training courses and professional growth within the Company. Through a Welfare plan (a reward plan), the company pays out the production bonus when the set objectives are achieved to increase the satisfaction of its employees. The corporate vision arises from the work of everyone and from the constant sharing of all information and decisions with the workers.

3.6 Protection of health and safety in the workplace and environmental protection
As part of its business, the Company pursues the objective of protecting the safety and health of the Recipients, adopting all the measures provided for by law for this purpose.

3.7 Environmental protection
The Company, aware of the need to respect and safeguard the environment, implements a policy aimed at minimizing the negative environmental impacts and maximizing the positive ones, promoting the spread of the culture of a correct approach to environmental issues and also guaranteeing the commitment to a continuous improvement of actions aimed at respecting the environment. Being a hotel, the supply chain is made up of many subjects: guests, suppliers, external customers and all the different departments within the hotel. The goal is to measure the performance of the supply chain not only in economic terms, but also in social and ecological terms, obtaining great results in terms of sustainability.
To achieve all this, the Recipients undertake to strengthen their ecological approach, through clear and careful rules of conduct.

3.8 Professionalism
All activities must be conducted with the utmost commitment, diligence and professionalism in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration.
Recipients are required to carry out their activities with an adequate commitment to the responsibilities entrusted to them, protecting the image and reputation of the Company.




4. Business relations
In all business relationships (including those with customers, suppliers, institutions, business partners), the company requires the Recipients to behave honestly, fairly and in compliance with the law.

5. Conflict of Interest
In carrying out their activities, the Recipients must avoid situations of conflict of interest; Conflict of interest is understood to mean the case in which the Recipient pursues an interest other than the corporate mission of the company or carries out activities that may in any case interfere with his / her ability to make decisions in the exclusive interest of the Company, or personally takes advantage of business opportunities of society.
In the event of a conflict of interest, without prejudice to the company policies applicable to specific categories of Recipients, the Recipients will inform their superior without delay, confirming the decisions that will be taken by them in this regard.

6. Protection of competition
The company, aware that a healthy and correct system of competition contributes to the better development of its corporate mission, scrupulously observes the competition rules in force and refrains from engaging in and / or encouraging conduct that could constitute forms of unfair competition. .

7. Relations with institutions and the public administration
Relations with national and supranational institutions, relations of a commercial and / or administrative nature with institutions and with the Public Administration must always be inspired by compliance with the applicable legal provisions, the principles of transparency, honesty and fairness, and not they can in any way compromise the integrity and reputation of the Company.
The assumption of commitments and the management of relations of any kind with the institutions and the public administration or relations having a publicistic character, are reserved exclusively for the company subjects in charge and authorized to do so.
In relations with the representatives of the Institutions and the Public Administration, the Recipients are not allowed to influence in any way the decisions of these representatives in an improper and / or illegal manner (such as, by way of example, solicit and / or accept and / or correspond and / or offer them, directly or through third parties, sums of money or other benefits in exchange for favors, compensation or other advantages for themselves or for the Company). Without prejudice to hotel practice in relations with customers, acts of courtesy (such as, for example, gifts or forms of hospitality) are permitted only if they do not exceed normal commercial and / or courtesy practices and if, in any case, they are such as not to compromise the impartiality and independence of judgment of the representative of the Public Administration.




8. Effectiveness of the Code of Ethics and sanctioning consequences

The Company guarantees the maximum dissemination of the Code of Ethics. The Company will provide and impose, with coherence, impartiality and uniformity, sanctions proportionate to the violations that may occur and, in any case, in compliance with the provisions of the law.
Compliance with the provisions of this Code of Ethics must be considered an essential part of the contractual obligations of the Company’s employees pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 2104 of the Civil Code and the following.
Any violation of the provisions of the Code of Ethics may constitute a breach of the obligations of the employment relationship and / or a disciplinary offense, in accordance with the procedures established by Article 7 of the Workers’ Statute, with all legal consequences, also with regard to conservation of the employment relationship and any compensation for damages.
Compliance with the principles of this Code of Ethics forms an essential part of the contractual obligations assumed by collaborators.
Consequently, any violation of the provisions contained therein by the Company’s collaborators may constitute a breach of their obligations, with all legal consequences also with regard to the Company’s right to terminate the contract and any compensation for damages.




9. Approval of the Code of Ethics
This Code of Ethics is approved by the Sole Director of the Company, who is responsible for any subsequent changes.