Principe Forte dei Marmi boutique Hotel

A wellbeing experience that envolves all five senses.

A revolutionary concept that promises to its guests an unique and exclusive sensorial experience, that can be offered only by tha most "Glam" among Forte dei Marmi 's hotels. You will begin by gratifying the sight, thanks to the spectacular landscape enjoyable from the rooftop of 67 Sky Lounge Bar.

You will then give way to hearing: the stillness and relaxation of the 28 rooms, 15 of which are suites, all furnished by the taste of the best Italian design and comfort, for your complete privacy.

Smell of sea and pinewood fills the air, to make your stay remarkable to the olfaction too.

And, after waking up the first senses, it's time to enter the field of "tactile" pleasure, in the new Egoista Welness Spa.

You'll get then to the taste: from the Easy Lunch on the pool side or in the garden, to the cocktails and after-dinner drinks of the 67 Sky Lounge Bar rooftop, surrounded by good music.

LuxLucis gourmet Restaurant  offers your palate the best gourmet specialities, while a more traditional and typical tuscan menu  can be found at  Principe Restaurant,

At the beach at Dalmazia Restaurant, you will be offered great and fresh seafood.