Valentino Cassanelli, an unconventional culinary artist

Our Chef Valentino Cassanelli was born near Modena, land of great culinary tradition.His passion and his hunger for knowledge took him to London, where he worked in the renowned and luxurious “Locanda Locatelli” and at “NOBU”, forerunner of the fusion cuisine. When he comes back to Italy, he starts his experience at “Cracco” in Milan and cooperates with some of the best chefs in the world. In February 2012 he arrives at Principe, where he cooks traditional Tuscan dishes with a contemporary twist.  2014 Valentino is the best chef of Versilia area and in 2015 he has won the "Top Prize of Tomorrow" for the talent and the passion with which he leads the acclaimed kitchen staff. The young and talented Executive Chef  Valentino Cassanelli thanks to its creativity and its eclecticism has managed to win in 2017 the coveted  prize of a Michelin Star.