Leading Hotel of the World

What means to be a Leading hotels of the world ?

Being a Leading Hotel of the world , LHW , means to be part of a collection of the world's most finest and spectacular Hotel into the Luxury Hotel industry , each offering and authentic and authentic setting of unique nature to match with Guests desires for a perfect vacation. Breathtaking spot of the world that host you in a manner that you will never forget.

Principe Forte dei Marmi is part of this discerned hotels that offer hospitality, finest ambience, elegant setting and delicious food that you would love to experience.

LHW means top hotels, that guarantee you the luxury, peace of mind, security and pleasure that none other. Are hotels of the world there to make your special days even more special and turn your moments unforgettable.The spacious rooms, delicious food, upscale service and elegant environment .These magnificent five star hotels can protect you from being the victim of horrible experiences that you may encounter in case of choosing an ordinary hotel. The management of top hotels makes every possible effort to make you feel special and make your experience none less than a fairy tale. So explore the charm of the enchanting Forte dei Marmi with the guaranteed care, comfort and confidence of Principe Forte dei Marmi as leading hotels of the world.A leading hotel ensures the ultimate in bespoke service and personal attention and ensures that every detail of your stay exceeds your expectation.

At Principe Forte dei Marmi our Guests will have a kind of experience that you would want to experience again and again. They strive to make your honeymoon venture more nostalgic, business trip more comfortable and vacations more happening.

Be Leading Hotel means to respect high Quality Standards. Dedicated to delivering the utmost value to its member hotels, as well as unparalleled hospitality offerings to its discerning clientele, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. consistently evaluates its member hotels by a demanding set of quality standards.

Leading Quality Assurance

The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. established its product and service standards through Leading Quality Assurance, a joint venture that conducts anonymous property inspections for the world’s most prestigious hospitality organizations. The detailed point system is designed to cover all phases of the guest experience, from reservation to check out, including every aspect of the hotel product from reception, to back-of-house.

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